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StoneyChat.Com is a stoner social network that allows stoners from all over the world to come together and socialize. We offer our members many features that include stoner video chat, free file storage, a stoner picture profile and many more cool features. No matter if you smoke spliffs, blunts, joints, bong rips, dabs, hash, edibles, tinctures, whatever it is you are accepted in our stoner community. So what are you waiting for sign up now and get started meeting and chatting with other stoners just like you! We look forward to smoking with you!

News: 5/29/14 - Site is now open. All members if you previously had an account you will have to make a new one old accounts where not saved. we are sorry about this. For the site we are really still working on it but we wanted a place for you guys to come and chill and chat and socialize with each other. Be looking for any bugs and report them to an admin or mod. Many more features and upgrades to the site will come over the next week or so. I am glad to finally get this going again and cant wait to see this site grow into something amazing. Thank you all that have stuck around waiting for this site to open back up.